SEO 4 Melbourne and SEO Empire have been changing the lives of Australian business owners for over 14 years.

We have been working with businesses who want to grow online, increase their market share and become Australian household names. We put your business on the front page of search engines, manage your social media pages, work with you on a business or marketing strategy and manage your online reputation.

We provide not just great service and deliver what we promise but we also will be a business partner in helping your business to grow for years to come.

SEO 4 Melbourne is a Search Engine Optimisation company for Australian businesses. We work with our clients to establish a full-integrated SEO campaign that involves methods that work both now and into the future. Utilising our methods, your business will achieve significantly more online exposure, which equals more customers! When we take on a new client, we like to meet in person or virtually and come up with a set of goals that we aim to achieve during our time working together. This allows us the opportunity to establish exactly what it is that our clients are looking to get from this experience.

For the most part, we intend to help our clients achieve;

  1. A positive return on investment for their marketing budget.
  2. Long-term, lasting first page results in the Google search engine.
  3. Driving traffic to web properties that bring new leads and potential customers into the company sales funnel.
  4. Use powerful search engine optimization techniques to give your web properties sticking power in the search engines. This is a must for all companies operating online
  5. Create powerful social media campaigns that engage your prospects and get them more involved with your company on a personal level.
  6. Create pay per click campaigns that drive massive amounts of traffic, bring in leads and generate sales all the while creating a positive ROI.
  7. Perform online reputation management services. You never know when your company will need this help, whether you did something wrong or not. People like to post negative information about businesses even if they do not have a good reason to do so. Managing your online reputation is crucial to success in today’s digital business world.

We’d love to speak with you to learn more about your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. We’d love to create an online marketing plan perfectly suited to your company.If anything that we’ve said resonates with you, please feel free to call our office at any time. Schedule a consultation so that we can put together a plan that will help take your business to the next level.

How to SEO – How to do SEO in 2014 – Do Search Engine Optimization

How to SEO – How to do SEO in 2014 – Do Search Engine Optimization

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Learn how to SEO and how to do SEO fast in this video. If you’re serious about link building and SEO, use these 2 tools. LINK EMPEROR and PENNY BACKLINKS –
I updated this video in 2014, so it’s relevant.

Visit to learn the best search engine optimization tricks and how to do search engine optimization the right way. For backlinks check out and also and for the best SEO software check out (Open Site Explorer – created by SEOmoz).

SEO link building is vital for ranking on Google, and back links=80% of SEO. To find the best high PR backlinks, find your biggest competitors and steal their backlinks–you can do this by checking out open site explorer at (Open Site Explorer). This site will allow you to analyze your competition and see what backlinks they have. Then you can get all the same backlinks that they have and a few more–and you can out rank them–if you also have good content on your site. I also recommend Voltrank for backlinks.

For more free SEO and internet marketing training, check out:

0:37 = resources
0:50 = Google’s ranking algorithm
1:45 = link building effectiveness
5:00= how to get your competitor’s backlinks

This video is about:
How to seo, how to do SEO, how to do search engine optimization, best SEO tricks, The best strategies for links building–ranking on Google. SEO is all about backlinks. “how to build links” “ways to build links” “SEO strategies” “what are backlinks” “how to build backlinks” backlinks back link, internet marketing, best way to build links, SEO link building strategies, tips for backlinks, tips for link building, build links SEO, voltrank, link wheels, algorithms, Yahoo, Bing, Google.

O que é SEO Marketing Digital para pequenas empresas – Paulo Sebin

O que é SEO Marketing Digital para pequenas empresas – Paulo Sebin

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O jornalista e consultor de SEO Marketing Digital pela a agência K2 Comunicação, Paulo Augusto Sebin, participou de uma entrevista para tratar de um assunto bem interessante a atual: O que é SEO para pequenas empresas. Muitos empresários estão conhecendo as vantagens em praticar ações de SEO Marketing Digital, para que sites de suas empresas apareçam bem posicionados no Google. Isso representa aumento nos acessos orgânicos e certamente também nos negócios online. O entrevistador é Failon Cadamuro. O debate foi muito bem aproveitado, com dicas para quem quiser saber mais sobre esse método incrível de marketing na web.

* Você pode solicitar orçamento para consultoria de SEO em
* Para saber mais sobre os serviços de SEO e também ações de Marketing Digital, consulte ou

Um dos grandes destaques é o uso de Local SEO, estratégias de otimização para quem realiza pesquisa local ou próxima da localização de sua empresa, muito indicado para sites que trabalham com prestação de serviços. Afinal, agora as pequenas empresas podem, por muitas vezes, se beneficiarem mais com marketing de busca em relação as grandes empresas do mercado nacional e mundial.

Com esse vídeo você saberá o básico sobre o que é otimização de sites, popularmente conhecido como SEO.

Produção, captação de imagens e edição: Mariana Matias e Tatiana Ribeiro
Realização: L.A. Marketing Digital

Real Estate Internet Marketing Techniques | Constructing A Lead Generating Domain

Real Estate Internet Marketing Techniques | Constructing A Lead Generating Domain

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Choosing a domain name for Internet Marketing can be tough, but when you know what you’re looking for and how to construct, you can create something that will benefit you for years to come.

Tune in to this video to learn some quick tips on how putting together the right domain name can add an additional 1 to 2 closed transactions per month to your business.

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Best SEO Video – Video Marketing -Top YouTube SEO – How to Get Google First Page Rankings

Best SEO Video – Video Marketing -Top YouTube SEO – How to Get Google First Page Rankings

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In this marketing video I go over the some of the best video seo
in order to get top YouTube SEO and Google rankings.

The goals of this video case study was to:

1-Get a YouTube video to rank on the first page of Google
for high volume, and highly competitive keywords.

2-Determine how many page 1 listings can be achieved with
one video.

The Ranking Factors for Video SEO and Video Marketing Are:
-Keyword competition
-Channel Authority
-Views,Comments,Likes,and subscribes
-Video titling, description and video audio transcription
-Video Distribution to digital media channels such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, and other
Social Media websites.
-Length of Video

One of the critcal pieces for video seo and video marketing is titling. In this video
I show the viewer how to structure the video title in order to achieve the opportunity
to rank for many keywords sing only one video.

Next, using a spreadsheet the viewer is shown various exammples of video seo keywords which
the case study video is currently ranking for the first page of Google. A sample of the
of the 33 keywords the video is ranking for is:

-quick ranking
-seo quick ranking
-google ranking overview
-ranking for seo quickly
-google quick seo ranking
-ranking quickly with SEO
-ranking performance with SEO
-quick ranking performance with seo
-ranking with seo quickly

In the case study I also show live results of the video seo case study and
how these results are above or with other very high authority seo ranking
individuals and companies.

In closing the visitor learns how to better construct the video title in order
to achieve excellent video seo and video marketing results.

SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2014

SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2014

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SEO tutorial for beginners 2014 explains how to search engine optimize a web site for higher Google ranking results, this video lesson showing basics of SEO

Video session that details step by step instructions for achieving better Google ranking results for websites. Importance of adhering to on page search engine optimization elements and particularly focuses on web site structure and its importance in SEO.

This search engine optimization lesson for beginners details on page SEO elements such as HTML file names, web page Meta Data, image names and web copywriting and how to create content for users with clean and logical navigation structure on web pages improves overall website performance in SERP’s (search engine results page)

All web sites that want to market their websites on internet can learn tips and tricks by watching this video tutorial on SEO because search engine optimization industry is an important part of all online businesses. Learning to tap in to the market dominance of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can increase your return on investment (ROI). To study about Google rankings and webmaster guidelines on search engine optimization visit:

As outlined in the video session, you can and should also create Google webmaster tools account because Google webmaster tool allows you to submit your website for Google to index your webpages and also, it has features such as HTML improvements.

XML sitemaps allow you to direct user agents like Googlebot to crawl and index your webpages, to learn more about xml sitemaps visit:

Conversion optimization is also part of any successful website that drives targeted web traffic, that is improving your conversion rates can be achieved by making incremental changes to your web page content and its message and conducting A B testing should be on your to do list. You can also watch this complimentary video that shows you what SEO is and how it really works by visiting this URL

This video session

is created by rankyaseoservices YouTube channel for all webmasters who are looking for creative, proven and tested methods for increasing their online visibility through utilizing the might of Google. You can find our entire How To video playlist by visiting our YouTube channel URL here:

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